2019 States Archives

View the 2019 States Schedules here: 


DUBLIN JEROME HS SCHEDULE (revised 2/26/19): 2019 DJHS Website Revised Schedule 2-26.pdf

ST. JOHN ARENA (OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY) SCHEDULE: Copy of 2019 OSU Website Schedule 3-1.pdf

2. 2019 Coaches Info (Arrival/Event Details): 

Dublin Jerome HS: 2019 Coaches Arrival for DJHS - States1.pdf     

OSU: 2019 Coaches Arrival for OSU -2-27-19.pdf

3. 2019 State Championships Registration: Closed for the 2019 event

4. 2019 Rules & Regulations:  2019 Rules and Regulations OASSA FINAL.pdf

5. 2019 OASSA Scoresheets (click the links below): 

OASSA Cheer & Dance Category Definitions

Cheer Building Scoresheets

Cheer Non-Building Scoresheets

Cheer Non-Tumbling Scoresheets

Dance Hip-Hop and Pom Scoresheets

Dance Jazz Scoresheets

OASSA Penalty Sheet

6. 2019 Terms of Agreement/Music Copyrights Certification (Take to Event): 2019 Terms Agmt w.Music.pdf

7. 2019 Participant Release and Waiver Form (Take to Event): 2019ParticipantReleaseandWaiverForm.pdf

8. 2019 Coach Release and Waiver Form (Take to Event): CoachReleaseandWaiverForm.19.pdf

9. 2019 Hotel Information for State Championships: 

19 Hotel Info States LIST 2-8-19.pdf

10. Driving Directions/Maps: 

Dublin Jerome Maps: DJHS maps.pdf

St. John Arena Map: OSU Parking Map 2019.pdf

11. 2019 States Tee Shirt Pre-Order Form: 2019TSHIRTPreorderForm.pdf

12. 2019 Parent's Letter:  Dublin Jerome HS: 2019 DJHS Parent Letter for States.pdf OSU: 2019 Parents Letter STATES OSU final.pdf

Cheer Ohio Camp Archives

2018 Terms of Agreement/Music Copyrights Certification (signature required - bring to camp): 18 Camp TOA and MCC.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Rules: 18 CO Camp Rules.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Overview: 2018 CO Info Sheet.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Checklist (what to bring to camp): 2018 Camp Checklist.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): 18 FAQ CO Camps - final 6-12-18.pdf

2018 3-Day Camp Schedule: 2018 3 DAY CO CAMP SCHEDULE final 6-5-18.pdf

2018 4-Day Camp Schedule: 2018 4 DAY CO CAMP SCHEDULE - final 6-5-18.pdf