2018 States Archives

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Worthington Kilbourne High School

St. John Arena:

Coaches Website Guide: 2018 COACHES WEBSITE GUIDE.pdf

States Registration Form - 2018 OASSA STATES RegForm.pdf

OASSA State Competition:  Performance Times (as of 2/21/18):

• Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Worthington Kilbourne HS – for all Dance categories, and the Non-Tumbling Cheer category. 

WKHS Schedule (updated 2/28/18 at 9:17am):  2018 WKHS SCHEDULE FINAL 2-28.pdf

• Sunday, March 4, 2018 at St. John Arena at OSU – for all OASSA Division I-VI “Building” and “Non-Building” cheer categories.

 St. John Arena Schedule: 2018 OSU STATES FINAL 2-22.pdf

Championship Tee Shirts - COACHES ONLY for TEAM orders:  2018States Tee PreorderForm.pdf

2018 Rules & Regulations: 2018_Rules___Regulations.4.pdf

Cheer Ohio Camp Archives

2018 Terms of Agreement/Music Copyrights Certification (signature required - bring to camp): 18 Camp TOA and MCC.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Rules: 18 CO Camp Rules.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Overview: 2018 CO Info Sheet.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Checklist (what to bring to camp): 2018 Camp Checklist.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): 18 FAQ CO Camps - final 6-12-18.pdf

2018 3-Day Camp Schedule: 2018 3 DAY CO CAMP SCHEDULE final 6-5-18.pdf

2018 4-Day Camp Schedule: 2018 4 DAY CO CAMP SCHEDULE - final 6-5-18.pdf