Cheer Ohio

OASSA has been hosting Cheer Ohio summer cheerleading camps for over 30 years. Each year we provide employment opportunities for college cheerleaders to work the camps as instructional staffers. We are one of the few camps that require our staffers to have had college cheerleading experience. 

Because OASSA is accountable to secondary principals from all parts of Ohio, we adhere to the highest safety standards. Also, our professional staff visits our camps often and is available to travel to camps at any time if a problem arises. For supervision purposes, we require at least one adult coach/advisor from each school to attend with each camper group; that coach may attend free of charge. Based on the number of cheerleaders attending from a school, there is a graduated scale for the number of additional advisors who may attend at no cost (see registration form). We offer classes for advisors on a variety of topics.

We do not offer instruction for All-Star teams.

We look forward to seeing you at a 2019 Cheer Ohio Camp!  

Sample Camp Schedules: 2018 3 DAY CO CAMP SCHEDULE final 6-5-18.pdf and 2018 Camp3 (4-day) schedule.pdf (updated 7.11.18)

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2018 OASSA Cheer Ohio Summer Camp Photos

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp #1 Spirit Key Winners (Indian Lake Junior High, Marietta JV, Kenton Ridge Varsity)

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp #2 Spirit Key Winners (Revere Junior High, Westerville South Freshmen, Green JV, Northland Varsity)

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp #3 Spirit Key Winners (Adena Middle School, Maumee Freshmen, Sylvania Northview JV, Trinity Varsity)

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp #4 Spirit Key Winners (West Muskingum Middle School, Wooster JV, Waynedale Varsity)