Cheer Ohio Forms & Documents

Coaches Website Checklist: 2018CoachesWebsiteChecklist.pdf

Coaches: Please review all documents; download and distribute to your campers as appropriate (bring signed forms to camp as noted):

1.  2018 Emergency Medical Form (signature required - bring to camp): 2018 - Emergency Medical Form.pdf

2.  Camp Participant Release & Waiver Form (signature required - bring to camp): 2018ParticipantReleaseandWaiverForm.pdf

3.  Camp Coach Release & Waiver Form (signature required - bring to camp): CoachReleaseandWaiverForm.18.pdf

4.  2018 Terms of Agreement/Music Copyrights Certification (signature required - bring to camp): 18 Camp TOA and MCC.pdf

5.  Pizza Party Form (turn in at camp check-in on day one - see form - bring to camp): 2018 PizzaOrderForm.pdf

6.  3x5 Note Card Requirements (bring one pre-filled for each camper and coach): SaveTime.3x5Notecards.pdf

7.  2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Rules: 18 CO Camp Rules.pdf

8.  2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Overview: 2018 CO Info Sheet.pdf

9.  2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Checklist (what to bring to camp): 2018 Camp Checklist.pdf

10.  Arrival/Check-In Info (posted by June 1): 2018 CHECK IN CHEER OHIO CAMPS final 5-21-18.pdf

11.  Parent Newsletter: 2018 Parents Letter.pdf

12.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): Coming Soon!

13.  2018 3-Day Camp Schedule: (posted by June 1):  Coming Soon!

14.  2018 4-Day Camp Schedule: (posted by June 1):  Coming Soon!

15.  Travel Directions/Denison Campus Map: Denison Map

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Registration Form:  2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Registration Form.pdf

2018 Cheer Ohio Camp Tee Shirt Pre-Order Form:  2018 Camp Tee PreorderForm.pdf

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