Wyoming High School Principal

This full time position is available starting with the 2019-20 school year.


Master’s degree plus Ohio Administrative License

Minimum of three years of experience in administration in addition to at least three years high school teaching experience

Highly effective organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Ability to work collaboratively with staff, students and community.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Essential Functions: See attached job description

Current BCI and FBI Background results

Salary: Competitive salary and benefits package

Contract Days: 220

Date of employment: August 1, 2019

Qualified Candidates should apply online at

Greater Cincinnati School Application Consortium:


Applications must include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Names of 3 Professional References
  • Copy of Certificate/License

Each applicant’s resume and qualifications will be evaluated, and those deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in interviews


Deadline to apply: January 11, 2019

 An Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Description

Title: Building Principal

Employment Status: Full Time

Qualifications: 1. State of Ohio Principal’s or Superintendent’s Certificate.

2. Shall meet requirements of law and be governed by state law and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges wherever applicable.

3. Valid Driver’s License.

FLSA: Exempt

General Description: Implements the administration, supervision, and evaluation of all programs and activities, curricular and co-curricular, within his/her building in accordance with Board of Education policy and Ohio School Law and Standards; provide leadership in the planning and supervision of the educational program.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Recognizes that the leadership of the instructional program within the school is of the first priority among his/her duties and to that end will formulate and recommend policies, plans, and programs which are designed to maximize educational experiences for children.

2. Evaluates educational programs and the performance of personnel against objectives and established performance criterion.

3. Administers the school and its instructional program in all facets, following accepted instructional practices, Board Policies, and Administrative Regulations of the District and gains approval for any deviations prior to their institution.

4. In conjunction with the staff, evaluate the curriculum, seek improvement of educational programs, and make an annual report with recommendations to the superintendent.

5. Foster the professional and personal growth of all teachers through inservice programs and professional days, including inservices, workshops, orientation programs, etc.

6. Provide a firm, fair, and consistent atmosphere for students in order that they may acquire basic skills, achieve academic growth, and develop commitments to learning.

7. Develop and maintain a climate of high staff morale which encourages individual and departmental initiative.

8. Establish positive working relationships with the students, parents, and members of the community.

9. Each principal should continue his/her professional growth through activities such as continued education coursework, workshops, seminars, and so forth.

10. Supervises the operations of the buildings, grounds, and other school property for the health, safety, and well-being of pupils, teachers, and patrons; reports needed major building and equipment repairs to the superintendent.

11. Directs, supervises, and evaluates the instructional guidance programs and the work (master) schedule of all assigned personnel.

12. Shall prepare all reports and maintain such records as required by school law, regulation, or request of the superintendent.

13. Shall be responsible for the requisition of supplies, textbooks, equipment, and other material necessary for the operation of the building through the office of the superintendent.

14. Prepares and submits the building’s budgetary requests and monitors expenditures of funds.

15. Shall be responsible for keeping the superintendent informed concerning activities in his/her respective building(s).

16. Shall develop policies/plans for safeguarding equipment, property, and enforces the observance of school laws.

17. Shall develop a disaster plan for the building.

18. Notifies the office of the superintendent of any student whose parents reside outside the district so that status may be determined in regard to tuition.

19. Confers with the superintendent regarding suspension and expulsion of students and submits written report of such action.

20. Direct and coordinate the support staff (classified) assigned to the building.

21. Enforcement of Ohio Revised Code that establishes policy, age, and immunization requirements.

22. Shall be responsible for scheduling meetings of the faculty of his/her building.

23. Attend as many school functions as possible.

24. Schedules assemblies for the general instruction of the student population.

25. Supervises custodians in cooperation with the building and grounds wsupervisor.

26. Supervises the health service program for his/her building.

27. Conducts other duties related to the principal’s duties as assigned by the superintendent of schools.