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Why join the OASSA?

The association will enhance your career and provide you with a number of professional services. Specifically, your investment in OASSA will give you a return for your money in the following ways:

Legal assistance through the staff attorney and legal protection plan.

Personal, professional assistance from the OASSA staff.

Monitoring of job related lawsuits by the staff attorney in order to assure local board of education compliance with the provisions of Ohio's Sovereign Immunity Law.

Peer recognition programs for principals and assistant principals.

Job opportunities and career advancement.

Continuing education and professional development opportunities at a substantially lower fee than that paid by nonmembers.

A voice in the Ohio General Assembly, education commissions, and related organizations.

Professional representation at board meetings, grievance hearings, suspension appeal hearings, and other meetings in which a member desires advocacy.

Timely publications with up-to-date information that is important to your career.

A professional network of colleagues from around Ohio.

Legal Consultation with Staff  
Professional Representation  
Legal Defense Fund Accessibility  
Professional Development at Member Rate
Professional Development Opportunities
Legislative Representation at State & National Levels
Current/Archived Publications
Access to On-line Salary Survey
Access to On-line Job Vacancies
Voting Privileges of OASSA Elections  
Ability to Serve on Committees  
Ability to Hold Office/Serve on Board of Directors