Intermediate/Middle School Principal (Grades 4-8) - Grandview Heights City Schools

Intermediate/Middle School Principal (Grades 4-8) - Grandview Heights City Schools

Intermediate/Middle School Principal (Grades 4-8) 

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      Grandview Heights City Schools

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Title: Edison Intermediate/Larry Larson Middle School Principal - Grades 4-8
Reports to: Superintendent
Terms: 260 Days
Grandview Heights Schools is seeking a dynamic, innovative Intermediate and Middle School Principal who will work collaboratively with the Superintendent, administrative team, staff, students, parents, and community to support the district mission to “maximize and personalize every student’s learning.”  Characteristics we are looking for in our next Education Leader are:

  • A sense of urgency to ensure that every student is provided an engaging, personalized learning experience.
  • A strong desire to enhance existing paradigms of middle school structures to take our excellent program to the next level, improving teaching and learning through resource allocation, staff roles and responsibilities, interaction between teachers, students, and content, and data analysis.
  • An unwavering belief in the power of innovation and instructional leadership, with an eagerness to explore, design, and implement new strategies that could accelerate and enhance student learning and opportunity.
  • An ability to embrace a design space process and engage the students, staff, and community in transitioning to a new building over the next couple years.

Edison Intermediate/Larry Larson Middle School educates approximately 400 students in grades 4-8.  Grandview Heights Schools is in close proximity to downtown Columbus.  It is located in the City of Grandview Heights and serves the Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff communities.  The school district serves approximately 1,100 students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, and covers an area of 1.8 square miles. The district is just beginning an extensive construction and remodeling project to build a new 4-8 building and renovate the existing high school over the next three years. 





  • Masters Degree in Education with a valid Ohio principal license that covers applicable grades, or qualifications to obtain such license
  • Five or more years of leadership experience, with principal experience preferred
  • Experience as a classroom teacher
  • Knowledge of and/or experience with the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Knowledge of state and national trends and research in education reform
  • History of successful instructional leadership
  • Budgetary management experience
  • Demonstrated history of successful educational leadership and organizational skills



Essential Job Functions

Instructional Leadership

  • Ensures the effective and consistent implementation of Ohio’s Learning Standards
  • Provides support to teachers in differentiating curriculum and instructional implementation
  • Conducts extensive data analysis and benchmarking, and lead the use of data to guide the growth and development of student learning
  • Integrate best practices and research into the continuous learning of the school community in order to accelerate improvement and innovation, developing new opportunities to enhance student learning
  • Facilitate collaboration and a culture of embedded professional learning among educators, working with teacher leaders and building professional learning teams in both the building and district-wide as an active, collaborative member of the District Leadership Team
  • In coordination with the Chief Academic Officer, develop and assess performance on building and district goals and design short and long term academic, curricular, and instructional plans for improvement
  • In coordination with the Chief Technology Officer and 21st Century coaches, implement education models to include personalized learning options, blended learning, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), problem based learning, proficiency based progression, unique schedules, and the process of innovation – fostering, designing, testing and scaling
  • Appropriate use of data and statistical information to engage staff for improving student learning


Culture and Community Leadership

  • Develop and maintain a culture that continually speaks about and celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion, and champions equity amount students, staff, and families
  • Identify and strategically plan for social/emotional learning and the mental health needs of the student body with building and district staff
  • Build open, positive, and collaborative relationships across a variety of community stakeholder groups
  • Develop opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful and relevant community service
  • Willingly attend and provide representation at Board of Education meetings, PTO and booster club meetings, and events that highlight school programming, extracurriculars, and athletics
  • Able to effectively collaborate and build relationships in order to develop a culture where students and staff thrive.


Organization and Personnel Leadership

  • Engage in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) that includes student growth as a measure of performance and provides feedback, growth, and development for staff
  • Participate in coordination with department supervisors in the evaluation and discipline of classified staff members within the building
  • Attract, select, develop, and retain highly effective and diverse staff based on the needs of the school and achieving the district vision/mission
  • Create ongoing, two-way communication that builds a strong sense of community, fosters mutual understanding, and solicits feedback from others.
  • Work in coordination with the superintendent and human resources manager in the areas of maintaining accurate personnel records, staff attendance and absences, certification and licensure
  • Understand, interpret, and make practical application of the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements
  • Work in coordination with the Director of District Services to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, recommend building repairs and modification, ensure safety, and coordinate fire, tornado, and other disaster drills
  • Provide direct supervision to the Assistant Principal
  • Work in coordination with the Director of Student Services to ensure special education, health services, and gifted identification and curriculum are adequate for the needs of the students
  • Maintain confidential information
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Develop and manage the building’s annual budget
  • Manage and provide oversight for all revenues and expenditures of the building
  • Monitor and account for items of inventory and fixed assets


Professional Development

  • Establish and maintain working relationships with state and regional groups, departments, colleges and universities, and other professional organizations
  • Attend conferences and professional development opportunities 

Working Conditions

  • Potential exposure to blood or other bodily fluids and tissue Exposure to potentially dangerous and violent situations
  • Occasional operation of a vehicle in inclement weather
  • Regular requirement to sit, stand, walk, talk, hear, see and read
  • Regular requirement to lift equipment, up to 50 pounds 


Compensation is determined based on qualifications and experience.

Deadline to apply - 1/31/2020.

Contact Name: Kirsten Carroll, Human Resources Manager,


Grandview Heights Schools is an equal opportunity employer in all areas of employment and promotion.