Middle Level

The Middle Level Committee of OASSA is organized as an integral part of OASSA to develop the image and program of the middle and junior high school. OASSA recognizes that a large segment of the total membership has an interest in middle level education.

Functions of the Committee:

  1. To promote the cause of middle and junior high school education in Ohio.
  2. To insure that OASSA maintains a focus on middle and junior high education.
  3. To assist in providing material for the OASSA Middle Level article for the OASSA monthly UPDATE publication.
  4. To encourage middle level members of OASSA to become candidates for the OASSA Board of Directors and other elective offices in OASSA.
  5. To actively promote OASSA membership for middle level administrators.
  6. To develop liaison between OASSA and the special groups of middle level educators in the state.

Members of the 2018-2019 Middle Level Committee are:

Chairperson, Michael Bader, Principal, Sylvania Timberstone Jr HS

2019 (Term Expires):

Kelli Izzo, Assistant Principal, Strongsville MS

Katherine Piacquadio, Assistant Principal, Watkins MS

Timothy Velotta, Principal, Chardon MS

2020 (Term Expires):

Keith Edenfield, Principal, David Anderson Jr/Sr HS

Cynthia Endsley, Principal, Anna MS

Nichole Thomas, Principal, Valley View Jr HS

Hendrik Wolfert, Principal, Pymatuning Valley MS